The Money of Color

We all know the color of money, right? Its green; it "British Racing Green"? "KellyGreen?" "Spring Grass Green?" "Deep Forest Green?" the list goes on and on...its endless....The point is that there are many shades and hues of every color and we don't all see the same thing and we certainly don't all have the same monitors to view them on. So the eternal problem for us in the imaging world is when we create a great image of a client product only to get "the phone call" from the client that "the color isn't what they wanted" or "is not correct"... Then much time (and $$) is consumed going back and forth figuring who is "correct" and where the discrepancy lies. We want to relieve our

We have rebranded! ePrep Services is now The Product Photography Studio

Formerly ePrep Services, we are now The Product Photography Studio. We always called our space "The Studio" so now its official! We hope that all of our clients call us "The Studio" We think it sounds cool and we will all be on the same page. We rebranded because ePrep Services didn't really reflect what we were about. "ePrep" is a term used by the printing industry. It meant preparing electronic files for printing on a press. We originally excelled at prepress but wanted to branch out into photography. Our new logo was designed by Valerie Oesterling, our principal designer and owner of and we love it! She made our acronym (TPPS) into a store front looki

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The website product photography studio in Santa Barbara, California. Specializing in photography for Amazon and eCommerce stores.

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