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We seamlessly blend the creative and technical to our photography and videos. We get it right every time.

Located in California, the Product Photography Studio specializes in visually stunning graphic images.


The images we create are suitable for use online and in print. We are experts at Amazon product photography and offer many kinds of product photography services. 


The Product Photography Studio is a dedicated team of people who bring diverse skills to the table. Each person is a specialist in their respective field. As a result, our team continually pushes the boundaries of what is possible in print and online advertising.  


Of course, high-resolution cameras and ideal lighting are critical, but our people turn a good image into a great one. We use advanced computer hardware and software to enhance and optimize each shot until it is perfect.


We are also specialists in creating animated graphic images, giving your customers 360-degree views of your products. We highlight every detail of your product, creating emotion and desire.


So when you need the best product photography services for your online or printed catalog, call the Product Photography Studio. We are here to help.  

360 Rotators!
Click and drag over this image and see it all! Show your customers their product options!


The Product Photography Studio specializes in superior product photography for eCommerce, and print ad products and campaigns. Our product picture studio is comprised of a small but dedicated team of experienced, tasteful product photography professionals. The Product Photography Studio’s (TPPS) staff comes from all across the United States, with each member bringing fresh concepts, ideas, and industry familiarity to the table.

We treat each product individually in the studio and during post-processing. Whether you need a small tech gadget shot or a large piece of medical equipment, we offer eye-catching and accurate images that genuinely bring your product to life. 

In most cases throughout today’s predominantly digital economy, the product listing image your customers see is the first and only chance you have to present your item in a marketable fashion. Knowing this, we go above and beyond in our product photography studio to produce images that sell our clients’ products every time.  We are located on the West Coast and are currently providing photography services for nationwide clients. Our team is budget conscious, dependable, extremely knowledgeable in pre-press, and provides expert photo retouching. Call us here or shoot us an email! 


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TEVA Sport Sandal
Santa Barbara Product Photography
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West Coast Product Photography
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Santa Barbara Product Photography
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Santa Barbara Product Photography
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The Product Photography Studio
West Coast Product Photography
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Santa Barbara Product Photography
The Product Photography Studio
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The Product Photography Studio
Santa Barbara Product Photography
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The Product Photography Studio
The Studio
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Santa Barbara Jewelry photography
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The Product Photography Studio
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Santa Barbara Product Photography
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