Technology and Medical Product Photography Services

At The Product Photography Studio, we excel at technology and medical product photography services.  


Our team can masterfully capture strikingly clear and inviting images of technical products, medical tools, and other specialized equipment. We work closely with our clients and their marketing teams to craft images that stand out and get noticed—all while still accurately revealing the features to make a buying decision easy.


But it doesn’t stop there! We create an organizational strategy as to how these images will need to be named, accessed, retrieved and utilized for additional purposes like print advertising campaigns, social media campaigns, and email blasts. They are shot consistently across product lines so they can later be combined with other images to create targeted email blasts and eCommerce campaigns! We work with you for every step creating a digital asset management system that makes our images even more valuable to your marketing team.


We pay attention to often-overlooked issues such as consistent naming of files (formally referred to as nomenclature), size, and proportion requirements for Amazon, Instagram, Shopify, and many more. We embed metadata for database searching and retrieval, so your marketing team can find just the right images at the right time. We take proper care and return of client supplied product samples…the list is endless. If there’s anything else you’d like us to specifically provide or make available, let us know while during our initial strategy session. We’re happy to incorporate individual clients’ needs!


Once you use our talented, experienced professionals at The Product Photography Studio, you’ll understand how valuable our technology and medical product photography services are. We are much more than just the best commercial photography service for your product line!

Technology items, medical devices, and industry-specific products routinely shot at The Product Photography Studio include:

  • Medical and healthcare industry products

  • Electrical outlets and parts 

  • PPE (Personal Protection Equipment like masks, gloves, helmets, and shoe covers) 

  • Dental tools and instruments

  • Exercise machines 

  • Syringes 

  • Mobile medical and dental laboratories 

  • Silicone tubing and parts

  • Implants

  • Prosthetics

  • Analyzation equipment

  • Audio systems

  • Wireless speaker systems 

  • Encoders

  • Household appliances (i.e.: lamps and kitchen tools)

  • RFID Wallets (electromagnetic shielding)

  • Sports gear and sports accessories products

  • Specialty eyewear

  • Pet care products

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Hours: M-F 9-5pm Pacific Standard Time

The website product photography studio in Santa Barbara, California. Specializing in photography for Amazon and eCommerce stores.

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