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I really can't say enough about Eric and his team at TPPS for their incredible photography and attention to detail.  Our company just went through launching a new set of products, the culmination of several years of expensive development.  We wanted to kick off our new instruments with a marketing campaign that really shined.  We found Eric online and unbelievably only a few blocks away. After a quick email dialog, I was able to visit his state-of-the-art photo studio.  He was very accommodating in all of my questions and took the time to create a detailed plan for us to achieve the great results we were after.  Scheduling, shooting, editing and delivery of the final images was completed in fast order, and the results were remarkable. His work allowed our new products to really shine and the response has been tremendous, both internally and with our customer outreach.  Eric is very approachable, listens to our needs, and creates solutions that demonstrate his great understanding and experience of photography.  He has also put together a wonderful team to ensure the best outcomes. We didn't just find a truly professional and accomplished photographer, we have found a friend that can help our team and marketing efforts soar.

Bo Criss

Graphic Designer

As an Amazon Merchant, the images on the listing are the key to success.  The team at The Product Photography Studio has provided images that have resulted in products that are extremely successful in the highly competitive Amazon market.  I highly recommend TPPS not only for the quality of the work but for value add in providing honest input into every assignment.  In additon, they are very cost effective.

Victor Alhadeff


Alhadeff Brands LLC

When I hire a photographer, I am looking for someone with a high degree of skill, talent, an eye for detail, and a love for stunning photography. I also prefer someone that is nice to work with and makes me feel like we are collaborating to get the best possible shot. I have found all of this to be true about Eric and the Product Photography Studio.  They have done work for me in the studio and at our location, and the images are always crisp and perfectly lit. We will defiantly be working with them for the long term and can’t recommend them enough.

Julie Fishman

Marketing Manager

TPPS have delivered premium photos. I would recommend their work to anyone who needs photos that will stand out from the rest.

David B.

Amazon seller

I had a fabulous experience with Eric shooting my product photography. He worked with me every step of the way to ensure the photos came out exactly the way I envisioned.  The final product was even better than I imagined. The photos were perfect and it was a pleasure working with Eric and his team. The Product Photography Studio will be my go-to for all my future product photography needs.  Thanks again! 



Ower at Sea To Sierra


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