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Print and eCommerce Product Photos and Video Studio

The Product Photograph studio is located on the West Coast in Goleta, CA. We are a collection of Photography professionals who have made their passion for truly great photography a career. We come from all over the world and each bring a unique perspective to our vocation.


Studio  Collaborators

Eric Gordon


 I am a Brooks Institute Graduate who has worked all over the world in fashion and architecture and product photography. I am constantly creating new and innovative ways to photograph products.


I specialize in highly creative and technical photography.


Ultimately, my goal is to make you, your business or your products look absolutely stunning.  This is what excites me and keeps me going.  Every day, I strive to tell my clients' stories in the most engaging, professional and exciting way possible through the visual language of color and light.




The Product Photography Studio on the West Coast


The Product Photography Studio (TPPS) is a professional, experienced print and eCommerce product photography studio located in Goleta's up and coming art zone. We provide product photography to Santa Barbara and all of the West coast. Our team of talented photographers are all Brooks Institute graduates with years of experience. Your products are superbly photographed in a state-of-the-art studio, using up-to-date equipment, careful lighting, attention to details, post processing, and fast turnaround. We are quality minded and strive to provide you with spectacular images that will grab your customers' attention and succeed in the marketplace.

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