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The TPPS Shooting Cone with Adapter Handle

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Welcome to the TPPS Gear Shop

The Product Photography Studio, has created a few unique products to make shooting challenging products easier. We have built and tested these products.


TPPS Shooting Cone
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TPPS Shooting Cone

Our shooting cone allows for shooting through the top of the cone to products held inside the cone and lighting the outside of the cone for highly specular objects like mirror lenses, silverware, and watch faces.


Unlike other cones on the market, our cone comes with a mounting bracket which easily mounts onto a standard 5/8" mounting stud such as found on light stands and boom arms.


This allows our cone to be held independently of camera, product, and light sources. This is crucial allowing the product being photographed to be elevated in and out of the cone for positioning and exchange when shooting multiple products,


$295.00 (shipping included inside the US and territories) 

TPPS Wine bottle Photography
Photography Gear
TPPS Photography Studio Gear
TPPS Acrylic Puck

TPPS Acrylic Bottle Puck

Perfect transparent lightweight puck and adapter to fit on C-stands, light stands, and boom arms. This Puck is designed specifically for photographing wine bottles so that surface the bottle is sitting on is not reflected in the bottle. 

It can be used for many other applications besides bottles.


$95.00 (shipping included inside the US and territories) 

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