Product Photography Services

The Product Photography Studio offers industry-leading product photography services for a wide range of modern product and eCommerce imaging needs. We specialize in exceptional website photography, print ad photography, post-processing, and more. We are located on the West Coast and work with local and national companies. 

Below is our list of services we provide. Please view our portfolio of product photography here. Our team has extensive experience in all types of photography. Have detailed questions about particular product needs or any of the product photography services we offer? Feel free to email us, and we’ll respond promptly. 


Website Product Photography


TPPS can beautifully photograph any product line for your eCommerce website. We typically shoot tabletop products on white. We can take delivery of your product, photograph the product, have the images knocked out of their backgrounds, post-processed, and delivered via Dropbox all in only a few days.

360° Rotating Images


Nothing shows off your product better than The Product Photography Studio's fully animated 360° view! Your product can be seen from all angles, details can be zoomed in on, and your item can be appreciated up close. Our rotating files are composited from still images then seamlessly blended to create the animated effect. 

Here is a sample of rotating reading glasses:


On Location Photography


Imagination offers limitless possibilities, but we understand sometimes there’s no replacement for starting a shoot in a specific physical location. Our list of product photography services includes geo-specific shooting. Experience the energy of being at an on-location shoot! If you or your subject matter can’t come to us, The Product Photography Studio will gladly come to you.


Fine Art Reproduction - Santa Barbara Giclée


Santa Barbara Giclée specializes in high resolution capture, scanning and archival reproductions of fine art and photographs. 

In our studio with state of the art equipment and dedicated shooting bay or on site.  Larger than life? No problem. 

Our team of experts is always up for a challenge. 

Image capture illustrations to be used in book printing. 

Digital conversion from negatives and slides for printing and electronic archival. 

We print using the highest quality pigmented inks and coatings onto 100% archival watercolor papers, canvas, and cloth substrates.
We are conveniently located in Goleta.




The Product Photography Studio can scan any image you need.

From photographs to fine art we have the ability to pull a near-perfect reproduction of your image. Only you'll know the difference!


Photoshop and Photo Retouching


The Product Photography Studio employs master Photoshop users. Our staff can achieve just about any effect you desire. Whether it's changing the color of your product or its background, TPPS can make your images come to life in any way you want!