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The Money of Color

We all know the color of money, right? Its green; it "British Racing Green"? "KellyGreen?" "Spring Grass Green?" "Deep Forest Green?" the list goes on and on...its endless....The point is that there are many shades and hues of every color and we don't all see the same thing and we certainly don't all have the same monitors to view them on. So the eternal problem for us in the imaging world is when we create a great image of a client product only to get "the phone call" from the client that "the color isn't what they wanted" or "is not correct"... Then much time (and $$) is consumed going back and forth figuring who is "correct" and where the discrepancy lies.

We want to relieve our clients from any doubt or stress that the images we produce at The Product Photography Studio are the most accurate and color correct they can possibly be.

What's needed is a reliable color accurate reference monitor.

EIZO CG2420 Self calibrating reference monitor

Enter the EIZO CG2420 Color Reference Monitor

The Product Photography Studio just got one of several new EIZO CG2420 monitors in. I've learned that here in sunny SoCal looks matter! Our workhorse NEC's were getting old, fading... and these new EIZO's are amazing. Software and controls are taking some getting used to. I think I may be one of the 1st to get my hands on one of these new models. They just came out with this new model and I got one of the only demo models available whilst we wait for the delivery. They say these things are expensive but I disagree. What costs a fortune is man hours (i.e.:payroll) color correcting hundreds of images that were false color processed because of a badly calibrated or dying monitor; or eye surgery correcting years of abuse looking at crappy displays. My advice to anyone who asks about what computer system they should use for photography is always: "Put 60-70% of your budget into your display!" You'll thank me later. This monitor is for "absolute last word" on whether color is correct on screen. Subject to operator "mis-analysis" and error like anything else.

After several long phone conversations with high-ups at EIZO; I finally got the real secret everyone has always wanted to know: Its pronounced AZO ....long A long Z long O

The NEC PA Spectraviews were great but they did not have built in spectros and LUT calibration. So after a few weeks we would get busy and start forgetting to run the calibrations with the i1 Display Pro puck... and eventually weeks turned to months....These new EIZO's have 16bit DAC, even edge to edge and corner to corner, constant self calibrating white point and even a built-in spectro that pops automatically from the bezel every day to keep it profiled and accurate on a set schedule.

No more guessing at The Product Photography Studio. We are very happy to have these in and already putting one of them to use hard at work. If anyone has any questions I am happy to answer as best I can. Its a win win for our clients and for The Product Photography Studio.

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