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Spinning Brick Pizza Ovens...On Fire!

One of this week’s challenges at TheStudio we shot an extremely heavy gorgeous authentic Italian brick pizza oven! truly a work of art by Giuseppe Crisa, owner and inventor/artist of Forno Classico Handmade Italian Brick Pizza Ovens ( )

There was yelling going on in Italian, Spanish, Russian, and English as we engineered a 24-frame 360-degree interactive rotation of this "Piccolino" oven...

…heavy, diffuse and specular surfaces, handmade, custom rotating platter stand built to hold extreme weight…and oh yeah…of course its also on fire!

All in a day's work at TheStudio :)

Click on the animated GIF below to take you to the fully interactive 360 rotator. It will do one rotation. Once completed you can use your cursor to give it a spin or zoom in and out!

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